Reference Library

Here we have a list of additional resources that you might find useful. Please note that the Bureau de Change contains details on Victorian currency, weights and measures and also has conversion charts for £sd.
Drury Lane census The 1871 census entry for the Sainsbury family living at 173 Drury Lane, London.
Map of Drury Lane This is a map showing Drury Lane, London in 1873. (This is quite a large file: 325kb).
Croydon Advertisement The complete text used in the 1894 advertisement for 9/11 London Road Croydon.
Spade Guinea Information about the Spade Guineas that were used to advertise Sainsbury's.
Bloater paste pots Information about bloater paste pots.
1906 Account Book J. Sainsbury account book for Mr Shipman.
Full plan of 392 Mare Street, Hackney This is the complete plan, part of which is shown on the 'Choosing a Location' page.
How Britain was Fed in Wartime Extracts from the official publication describing how rationing was implemented.
WWII Archive articlesTwo articles from the JS Journal, Sainsbury's magazine for staff.
East Grinstead 1951 plan This is a copy of the 1951 plan that was adapted for use in the Second World War gallery
Branch address list This is a complete listing of all Sainsbury's branches from 1869 to 1900. It can be used in conjunction with the 1894 Monumental Map in the Map Room to plot Sainsbury's early expansion.
Reading list Some suggested sources for further reading.
Quick history Short section with factual historical information.