Further Reading

Here we will be developing a 'library' of references useful for readers and students. Listed below are a few initial suggestions.

The Best Butter in the World - Bridget Williams
ISBN 009 1821371, 224 pp. £5.50, Ebury Press.
At cost price, the best-selling history of Sainsbury's since 1869, written to celebrate the company's 125th anniversary in 1994. Heavily illustrated with photographs and documents from Sainsbury's Archives.

Old Cooking Utensils - David J Eveleigh
ISBN 0 85263 812 4, Published by Shire Albums 77.
This book looks at history of the kitchen which centred on the open hearth or range and surveys the equipment used for storing and preserving, preparing, boiling, roasting and baking food.

Food and Cooking in Nineteenth-century Britain
ISBN 1 85074 539 0, Published by English Heritage.
Looks at the art of cookery in British history, describing the historical background with information on food, cooking equipment, the design of kitchens, serving of meals, development of taste and etiquette, and recipes converted for the modern kitchen.

The Book of Household Management - Isabella Beeton
Originally Published in 1861; Facsimile Edition, Chancellor Press 1987.
Mrs Beeton's classic, which contains information on foodstuffs, shopping hints and a large number of original drawings.

Yesterday and Today; Going Shopping - Fiona Macdonald
ISBN 0 7496 3075 2, £10.99, Published by Franklin Watts.

Yesterday and Today compares what we do today with what happened when our parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents were young. This book looks at shopping in the past.

Days, Months and Years. A Perpetual Calendar for past, present and future - Madeline Bear, Published by Tarquin Books
This book provides a simple way to establish what day of the week it was for any year, month and date.

Big Money - by Sweet Counter.
Published by Sweet Counter, P.O. Box 472, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 7ZW

Provides large cardboard versions of British currency for use in classroom with children. Very useful for Key Stage 1.

Play Food & Let's Go Shop - Early Learning Centre.
Two ranges of miniature food produced by the Early Learning Centre and available from their shops, selected Sainsbury's stores, and on the internet from Sainsbury's To You (www.sainsburystoyou.co.uk) and the Early Learning Centre (www.elc.co.uk)

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