1894 Advertisement

1894 Croydon advertisement from the Croydon Illustrated.

Complete 1894 advertisement from the Croydon Illustrated. 119Kb.
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As you can see there is quite a lot to read, so rather then wait for a clear copy to load up we have taken the text and written it up below.

It gives a wonderful insight into contemporary advertising techniques.

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'Probably no name has a wider publicity or enjoys a higher reputation in the Provision Trade of London than that of Mr. J. Sainsbury. It is now a quarter of a century since he commenced business, at first with only one Depot, but the public speedily showed their appreciation of his admirable methods of trading, and during the past twenty years handsome Branch Establishments have been opened in almost every suburb of the Metropolis, as well as at Balham, Lewisham, Kilburn, Brondesbury, Hampstead, Queen's Crescent, Haverstock Hill, Islington, Chalton Street, Euston Road, and other outlying places. Each of these Branches have met with assured success, and have been cordially welcomed to each neighbourhood. The Croydon Establishment under notice has now been opened eleven years, during which time Mr. J. Sainsbury has found it necessary to add an elaborate branch at 17 (late 9), London Road, exclusively for the sale of Poultry and Game of every description. A much-needed want was fully realised and quickly dispensed with when at 35 (late 18), London Road, an entire Pork Butcher's Business was opened, supplying a most important extension to Mr. J. Sainsbury's Emporium, for High-Class Provisions. To meet the ever-increasing demands of his customers, an Auxiliary Branch for Provisions had necessarily to be opened at North End, in November, 1889. These premises, which are centrally situated in London Road, are, like all Mr. Sainsbury's Establishments, exceedingly handsome and well appointed. The shops are well lighted, and elegantly fitted with mahogany, the walls being lined with tesselated tiles, while marble slabs and counters give to the whole an inviting air of coolness and cleanliness at the hottest season. At the rear are large storerooms fitted with every modern appliance for the preservation of the stock. The latter is of the most comprehensive description, embracing the choicest butters of absolute purity, obtained direct from the farms of Brittany, Dorset, and Aylesbury; new-laid eggs; Wiltshire and Irish bacon, York and Irish hams; the finest English, American, and Continental cheeses; ox-tongues in tins; fresh and salt dairy-fed pork ; and all descriptions of poultry and game when in season. The stock is selected with the greatest care and descrimination, only thoroughly reliable goods being dealt with. Mr. Sainsbury deals direct with the producer, both at home and abroad, and thus saves the middleman's profit. With such numerous establishments to supply from one central depot, his purchases in all departments are on the most extensive scale, a fact which naturally gives him considerable advantages on the markets, so that he is constantly in a position to offer his numerous customers goods of exceptional excellence of quality at remarkably moderate prices; and his charges will be found to compare most favourably with those of any other dealer in the Metropolis. Amongst the chief features attributing towards the accommodation of his numerous customers may be mentioned the following facts:- The full complement of assistants employed at all the Branches, thus ensuring promptness and attention; also the marked civility and alertness of one and all of Mr. Sainsbury's staff. The use of the telephone - all the Branches being connected with each other by telephone, and with Mr. Sainsbury's Head-quarters in Stamford Street, Blackfriars. This greatly facilitates his business, as any article not being at the time in stock can readily be obtained. The deliveries, of which two are made daily throughout Croydon and the surrounding districts, by a large number of horses and carts. The Croydon Branch is under the management of Mr. Charles Lovell, a gentleman of great experience in the trade, who has done much to further the success of the enterprise.'

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