5. Business as usual (again)

Sainsbury's emergency van (71kb)

Sainsbury's emergency van (47kb)

Back in the Methodist Church (47kb)

The complete destruction of the shop required emergency measures to get food to the people of East Grinstead.

So Sainsbury's sent an emergency van from its Blackfriars headquarters, which parked near to the original shop, by the ruin of Caffyn's garage. The van was fitted out like a travelling shop, complete with weights, scales and counters. The emergency shop served shoppers until the Methodist Church could be refitted as a Sainsbury's shop. The 'shop in a church' continued to trade until 1951 when a new shop was opened.

Sainsbury's once again moved into the Methodist Church and remained there until 1951 when a new shop was opened.

1. Sainsbury's sends an emergency van to East Grinstead (446 Kb) 41secs

2. Return to the Methodist Church. (113 Kb) 10secs

3. Rebuilding of the old site. (241 Kb) 25secs

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