Realplayer Help

1. When you click on the link you will be taken to the Realplayer home page. Look for the part that says 'Realplayer 8 basic' (shown below), then click on it.

2. Enter your details (e-mail address, location, language, etc.) Click next.

3. The Standard Realplayer 8 is a 9.9Mb download. (The minimum download is 4.7Mb). Follow the screens through and you will come to a screen where you are offered a choice of countries to download the file from. Select the one relevant to you (eg. UK option).

4. Now specify the drive to which you wish the file to be saved.

5. Select and launch the file you downloaded by locating it in Windows Explorer or by choosing RUN from off the start menu and then browsing for the file. (The file is where your Web browser saved it.) This will begin the RealPlayer 8 Basic Standard Download setup process.

6. The first time that you use it you will need to enter your e-mail address and other details to register the player. It should not need to link to the internet to complete this; select the 'Remind me later'. Once done you will not have enter these again and the player will start up normally every time. If you don't register it, you will have to 'cancel' or 'exit' the registration procedure EVERY time you try to use Realplayer.

To find out more about Realplayer registration, click here to read the official registration information.