Lloyd Maunder

lloyd maunder's roundsman, fred leach
Lloyd Maunder's roundsman, Fred Leach, on his way to Lapford railway station with a load of Devon goods for Sainsbury's. The small cart contains eggs, butter (in plain boxes), poultry (in hampers) and pork packed in straw. 38Kb.
Lloyd Maunder, Sainsbury's oldest supplier, began sending eggs, poultry and rabbits from his farm at Witheridge, north Devon to the company's London headquarters in 1898. His products were so popular with Sainsbury's customers that he soon began to buy additional supplies from other farmers. He set up a system of egg collection, picking up eggs, butter and poultry by pony and trap from neighbouring farms.

Lloyd Maunder's collection scheme made it possible for John James Sainsbury to buy fresh foods direct from Devon farmers, rather than through the wholesale markets. This meant that he knew he could buy the goods his customers wanted and that they would be good quality.

The scheme also made it possible for farmers who produced only small quantities of eggs, butter and poultry to be sure that they would be able to sell their products because Lloyd Maunder took responsibility for sending the eggs by rail to Sainsbury's London depot. A similar scheme was set up by Frank Sainsbury with farmers in the Haverhill area of Suffolk.

The arrangement was so successful that Lloyd Maunder's products, like Frank Sainsbury's, were described in Sainsbury's advertisements as 'from our own farms'. Lloyd Maunder, however, kept the identity of his best customer secret, referring to Sainsbury's in his records simply as 'A1'.

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