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An activity for year 6 National Literacy Strategy
This activity was developed by London Learning one of the approved trainers for the NGFL. It consists of two tasks based around children searching an NGFL approved Internet site for information on historical characters. They will then use this information to complete two pieces of biographical writing. The first involves completing a close exercise in a word processor on the life of a grocer’s delivery boy from information on the web site. The second entails building up a biographical sketch (complete with picture from the web site) of Mary Ann Sainsbury, one of the co-founders of the supermarket firm.

Curriculum links to the National Literacy Strategy

Although the web site used in this activity is a history web site, the activities have been designed to support and consolidate whole class and small group work for years 5 and 6 Literacy Hour.

Year 5 Literacy Strategy
T2 Text level 17 - to locate information confidently and efficiently through using ... (vi) CDROM and other IT sources.
T2 Text level 19 - to evaluate texts critically by comparing how different sources treat the same information.
T2 Text level 22 - to plan, compose, edit and refine non-chronological reports and explanatory texts, using reading as a source.
T3 Text level 14 - to select and evaluate a range of texts, in print and other media.
T3 Text level 16 - notemaking: to fillet passages for relevant information and present ideas that are effectively grouped and linked.
Year 6 Literacy Strategy
T1 Text level 14 - to develop the skills of biographical and autobiographical writing in role, adopting distinctive voices, e.g. of historical characters through composing a biographical report based on research.
T1 Text level 17 - to write non-chronological reports linked to other subjects.
T1 Text level 18 - to use IT to plan, revise, edit writing to improve accuracy and conciseness and to bring it to publication standard, e.g. through a class newspaper, paying attention to accuracy, layout and presentation.
T2 Text level 17 - to read and understand examples of official language and its characteristic features e.g. through discussing consumer information, legal documents...