Second World War Gallery

At 11am on Sunday, 3rd September 1939, the people of Britain gathered around their wireless sets to hear the Prime Minister's announcement that Britain was at war with Germany.

The war presented great challenges to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. This gallery shows how Sainsbury's responded to the demands of total war.

Bomb damage at East Grinstead

Over the course of the war there were around 600 incidents of bomb damage to Sainsbury's stores. This display shows the effects of just two of these at the company's East Grinstead branch.

Women during War

This display examines the changing role of women within the business in response to wartime conditions.


This gallery shows how Sainsbury's coped with the challenges presented by rationing

Tea Party

The Life in wartime was hard, and treats were often difficult to come by. We've saved our rations to bring you some special occasion recipes.