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Sainsbury’s Virtual Museum contains a wealth of material, including photographic and documentary sources on Sainsbury's in the period 1869 to 1900. It is designed to help teachers use the internet to support the teaching of the following elements of the History National Curriculum:
KS1 - What were shops like a long time ago?
Welsh KS1 - Sut le oedd siopa 'slawer dydd?
What were shops like a long time ago?
KS2 - Victorian Britain.
KS2 - Second World War.
KS2, Year 6 - Online Activities
KS3 - History National Curriculum.
They contain:
  • descriptions of activities based on the pages in the website.
  • worksheets, which can be printed out or downloaded, to help pupils work through the activities.
  • analyses of how the activities relate both to the QCA scheme of work for History at KS1, National Curriculum for History and IT and also to the KS2 Literacy Hour.
If you would like to receive updates upon new releases of material, then please go to the 'Ask Harry' desk and register with him. It does not cost anything to do this, and we will only contact you concerning developments at the museum. Also listed below are two other resources that you might find useful.

Many recent additions to the Museum have been in response to teacher feedback. If you use the resources provided in the Museum, do send us examples of your pupils' work for inclusion in the Schools' Exhibition Gallery. We will return original classwork as long as it is clearly marked with the school's name and address.

Sainsbury's History Pack.

Copyright J Sainsbury plc, 2000.

'Harry's Story, illustrated by Arthur Robins. These pages may be printed out for classroom use but remain the copyright of J Sainsbury plc. They may not be used in any other form. Arthur Robins has asserted his right to be identified as the illustrator of Harry's Story under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.'

KS 1 and KS 2 Teacher Resources written by David Mason, IT Learning Exchange, University of North London.
KS 3 Teacher Resources written by Tony Hier, Thomas Tallis School, Blackheath, London.