Scotch Shortbread

Historical Recipe
Scotch Shortbread

2lbs of flour,
1lb of butter,
╝lb of pounded loaf sugar,
Żoz of caraway seeds,
1oz of sweet almonds,
a few strips of candied orange-peel.

Mode - Beat the butter to a cream, gradually dredge in the flour, and add the sugar, caraway seeds, and sweet almonds, which should be blanched and cut into small pieces. Work the paste until it is quite smooth, and divide it into six pieces. Put each cake on a separate piece of paper, roll the paste out square to the thickness of about an inch, and pinch it upon all sides. Prick it well, and ornament with one or two strips of candied orange-peel. Put the cakes into a good oven, and bake them from 25 to 30 minutes.
Time - 25 to 30 minutes.
Average cost, for this quantity - 2s
Sufficient - to make six cakes.
Seasonable - at any time.

Note - where the flavour of caraway seeds is disliked, omit them, and add a rather larger proportion of candied peel.

Source: The Book of Household Management, Isabella Beeton, 1861.

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scotch shortbread on a plate

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