Rationing - a quick history


Date items went on ration

29 September 1939 National Register set up. Identity cards issued.
8 January 1940 Food rationing begins. Bacon, ham, sugar and butter.
March 1940 Meat rationed.
July 1940 Tea, margarine, cooking fats and cheese rationed.
March 1941 Jam, marmalade, treacle and syrup rationed.
June 1941 Distribution of eggs controlled.
August 1941 Extra cheese ration for manual workers introduced.
November 1941 Distribution of milk controlled.
December 1941 Points scheme for food introduced. National dried milk introduced. 
January 1942 Rice and dried fruit added to points system.
February 1942 Canned tomatoes and peas.
April 1942 Breakfast cereals and condensed milk added to points system.
June 1942 American dried egg powder on sale.
July 1942 Sweets rationed.
August 1942 Biscuits added to points system.
December 1942 Oat flakes added to points system.
December 1944 Extra tea allowance for 70 year olds and over introduced.
January 1945 Whalemeat and snoek available for sale.
July 1946 Bread rationed.

Date items came off ration

July 1948 Bread.
December 1948 Jam.
May 1950 Points rationing ended.
October 1952 Tea.
February 1953 Sweets.
April 1953 Cream.
March 1953 Eggs.
September 1953 Sugar.
May 1954 Butter, cheese, margarine and cooking fats.
June 1954 Meat and bacon.
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