Description of the site

A picture gallery of a Sainsbury shop in the Victorian era.
This includes:

Exterior of the Romford store from circa 1902 as reproduced in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu
Interior of the Folkestone store in c1909
A variety of products and packaging from the Victorian era which can be explored by clicking on different parts of the store interior.

Harry’s Story

An eight page talking book of an imaginary day in the life of Harry Webb, a real-life delivery boy at the Enfield branch of Sainsbury's in 1912. You can play the book from the web site and, providing you have RealPlayer, get the computer to read out the text on each page. Great care has been taken to ensure that the content and the illustration of Harry's story is as historically accurate as a fictional story can be. The illustrations contain depictions of Victorian street and home scenes which you could use to add to the children's awareness of that era.

The main themes explored in Harry's story are: 

  • Getting ready for work in the morning 
  • Why home delivery boys were used in Victorian times 
  • How physically hard Harry's job was 
  • Road and bicycle technology in Victorian Britain.
My Victorian Shop Scrapbook
A collection of downloadable worksheets and activities to support the children’s exploration of the website.
Creating our own Victorian shop
A collection of downloadable materials, artefacts and advice to support the creation of a Victorian shop in the classroom to support role play activities.