Sainsbury's History Pack

This pack may be used by individual pupils or by teachers in the classroom.

This pack aims:

The factfiles cover the early history of the company and important influences on its later development, such as the impact of the First and Second World Wars and the introduction of self-service in the 1950s.

The resources include a selection of images which are provided with this pack in mind; cut out models of Sainsbury's shops built between 1873 and 1925; photocopies of press cuttings, advertisements, floor plans and other materials.

There are six factfiles available:

Factfile 1
Sainsbury's and the Provision Trade
Factfile 2
History in the High Street
Factfile 3
The First World War
Factfile 4
The Second World War
Factfile 5
Factfile 6
Working for Sainsbury's

To obtain a copy of the pack please go to the download site and scroll down to the bottom. Please note that there are two choices - the first consists of the worksheets and is quite small (600Kb), the other is the full pack plus resources and is very large (9.9Mb) and so may take a while to download.