Historical Recipe

To every quart of milk allow 1 oz of German yeast,
a little salt,

Mode These are made in the same manner as muffins; only in making the mixture, let it be more like batter than dough. Let it rise for about hour; pour it into iron rings, which should be ready on a hot-plate; bake them and when one side appears done, turn them quickly on the other. To toast them, have ready a very bright clear fire, not too close, until it is nicely brown on one side, but do not allow it to blacken. Turn it, and brown the other side; then spread it with good butter, cut it in half, and when all are done, pile them on a hot dish, and send them quickly to table. Muffins should always be served on separate dishes, and both toasted and served as expeditiously as possible.
Time - from 10 to 15 minutes to bake them.
Average cost - d each.
Sufficient - allow 2 crumpets to each person.
Seasonable in winter.

Source: The Book of Household Management, Isabella Beeton, 1861.

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