Printing Help

1. If you try to print the packaging from within the browser you will probably find that it is too big for your printer.

2. To overcome this, you need to download the image by right clicking on the image and then choosing either 'Save it to disk' or 'Open from current location'. If you choose the latter then open it in any image editing package that you have (eg. Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc...). If you save it then you also need to open it into a similar package.

3. From within the image editor when you select print you need to ensure that the scale of the image is kept to 100% - this way you will print the image at its true size. If you do want them larger then make sure that the print options box (or the equivalent) is set to something like 'Shrink to fit' or 'Fit page'. That way your item will print on a single sheet of paper.