1929 Christmas pudding ingredients

illustration from a leaflet advertising sainsbury's christmas fruits, 1929.
Illustration from a leaflet advertising Sainsbury's Christmas fruits, 1929. (23Kb).

'Sainsbury's fruits will make your puddings.' In the 1920s most people made their own Christmas puddings and mince pies. Sainsbury's published leaflets and recipes encouraging customers to try their own brand ingredients.

The illustrations here are from an advertisement dating from 1929. We have provided versions of the products in the lady's basket which can be downloaded and built. To download the items, click on a product in the basket below. For some of the larger items there are two choices - an A3 and A4 version.

If you have Winzip or a similar extraction programme you can also download all of the images as a single zip file (615Kb). Click on it and then either select 'Save it to disk' or 'Open from current location' if you do not want to directly save it without seeing the file contents first. You will need to be using a similar software package to be able to access them.

1929 Packaging

close up of 1929 christmas packaging.
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Ground almonds (106Kb) (A4 size printer required)

Mixed spices (101Kb) (A4 size printer required)

Raisins (148Kb) (A3 size printer required)

Raisins (48Kb) (A4 size printer required)

Suet (101Kb) (A3 size printer required)

Suet (35Kb) (A4 size printer required)

Cooking almonds (124Kb) (A4 size printer required)

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